What is Difference between Presentation and Representation of Physics?

The Universe was born necessary as a consequence of the divorce between ontological existence and spiritual essence in the new created being (without the condition of knowledge) from the necessary being (with the condition of knowledge). This is the only rational possibility without the status of mystery. Why? The Universe could to come into existence in no way from „nothing“. So the necessary base lies in the realm of ontology: it can be thought of! The problem lies therefore ultima ratio in the transcendental relations beyond our knowledge and depending strongly on our psychology: they prefer reasonably rather the event „conversion“ than „creation“ (= for the „birth“ of our physics in the Universe).

In this case a possibility of presentation (= from a complete knowledge) of physics is impossible. We observe objectivity of the external world with the eyes of our subjectivity in contingent mind with the logic „right (true) – false (wrong)“, not by means of the logic „necessary“!

We have accordingly at our disposal only a possibility of representation (= from an incomplete knowledge) of physics:

– it is however only rough approximation of „something else“, not from impossible presentation of physics.

Why? What is „something else“?

The extent of the contingent mind is very limited without the condition of knowledge. On the other hand, The Necessary Mind is far away. A link between them is hidden in the quantum world with a result: we are sentencend on ignorance through the existence of physical indeterminations and mental uncertainties. The crucial role is in competence of the elementary quant of action: it is the Planck constant. The Rayleigh-Jeans law (=  it describes the spectral radiance of electromagnetic radiation at all wavelengths from black body) agrees with experimental results at large wavelengths but strongly disagrees at short wavelenghts. The ultraviolet catastrophe is a classical consequence of such physics. And so is from our „complete“ understanding of physics. The Planck constant and the quantum understanding of physics constitute, on the other hand, the Army of Salvation! The Planck law agrees with experimental data and just the role of his constant changes totally our understanding of physics. Pure smile! Cancelation of danger comes from the world of ignorance. And indeed! „Something else“ is a part of our ignorance: what is now really physics of complete knowledge?

Success of answer is cancelation of physics!

Or simply: the end of world!

Who makes joke with us? And why?

The proper answer lies in souls of all thinking beings in contingency. Let us conclude:

– presentation of physics remains impossible –


– representation of physics remains possible.


Is it really true that a moving rod becomes shortened in the direction of its motion? Eddington tried to give us a plain answer. And he said:

„It is not altogether easy to give a plain answer. I think we often draw a distinction between what is true and what is really true. A statement which does not profess to deal with anything except appearences may be true; a statement which is not only true but deals with the realities beneath the appearences is really true“.

In continuation follows his humoristic example which allows him from comparision to conclude:

„The shortening of the moving rod is true, but it is not really true. It is not a statement about reality (the absolute) but it is a true statement about appearences in our frame of reference“.

Very well!

In my understanding of this problems holds:

– according to the non-existing presentation the shortening of the moving rod is not really true –


– according to the existing representation the shortening of the moving rod is simply true.

Such impotence of physics involves again the old problem: where goes psychology of relations? My guide on this way was always Ernst Cassirer:

„The understanding of the simplest proposition in its definite logical and grammatical structure requires, if it is to be apprehended as a proposition, elements, that are absolutely removed from intuitive representation. … The conceptual connections, in which this meaning is rooted, must therefore be represented for consciousness in peculiar categorical acts which are to be recognized as independent, not further reducible factors of every intellectual apprehension. … Psychology in this sense gives approach to problems, which must seek their solution in logic and in their application to science“.

Cassirer's thought is necessary for mental preparation in understanding of new perspectives: a series of the well known facts (= gravitational force does not exist, electric and magnetic forces are not real, energy disappears as a leading concept, … ) leads us now to think about the strange mutation of yet unknown forms in no connection with space and time. These forms imply from themselves a rising of unforced events which are wrong interpreted as natural appearence of physical concepts.

Something is thus certain too:

– our representation of physics was failed.

Many concepts for understanding the external world are established in a wrong way. No problem! Strategy for the new war is already prepared:

– we have to find a link with the world of Necessity!

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